Congratulations to the
2009 Sandy Writing Contest Winners!
Mainstream Adult Fiction
Final Judge, Katherine Nintzel, editor at Harper Collins
1st Place - Pleasant Lake P.D. - Kelly Fitzpatrick
2nd Place - Cub Creek - Grace R. Green
3rd Place - Shadow of The Sun - Merrie Wycoff
Final Judge, Adam Wilson, editor at MIRA
1st Place - Broken Souls - Elysia Whisler **
2nd Place - Black Swan - Jean Tara Ownbey
3rd Place - Swarm - Heidi Khun
Fantasy / Science Fiction
Final Judge, Cameron McClure, Agent at Donald Maass Agency
1st Place - Broke Heart - Kevin Wolf
2nd Place - Ghost Planet - Sharon Fisher **
3rd Place - Windborne - Brenda Nelson-Davis
Thriller / Suspense
Final Judge, Alex Logan, editor at Grand Central
1st Place - Dream Stalker - Sandra Kerns
2nd Place - Blackhood - Geoffrey Saign
3rd Place - Working For The Dead Man - Judith Cobb Dailey
Children / Young Adult
Final Judge, Kaylan Sdair, editor at Candlewick Press
1st Place - Charm School - Deanna Carlyle
2nd Place - Liar - Beverly Esch
3rd Place - The Last Fairy Godmother - Shonna Slayton
** Manuscript requested by final Judge IF author chooses to revise per final judge's recommendations